The first night of the Visual Japan Summit concluded with a surprise appearance as X Japan served as the Friday headliners. Already in the area as an official KISS expo launched, Gene Simmons joined the legendary group to perform the ageless classic, "Rock and Roll All Nite," which can be viewed in the video above.

Also onstage were members of Glay, Luna Sea and more, who had also performed at the summit earlier in the day. As seen in the video below, Simmons took the mic and lead the charge with X Japan's signature call of "We are! X!" as the audience responded with bursts of screams. When asked if he wanted to play a KISS song, Simmons introduced the track as everyone onstage joined in either performing, waving flags or jumping around clapping.

Simmons was the perfect guest to surprise the fans at the festival dedicated to visual kei; a movement that cropped up in Japan in the '80s as rock and metal acts like KISS, among others like Twisted Sister and various glam bands, began to popularize intense costumery and androgyny.

As mentioned, Simmons was already in Japan as the KISS Expo Tokyo 2016 made its debut, the first of its kind to receive an official endorsement from the band. Held within are costumers donated by the group, as well as various instruments and other band-related paraphernalia.

In September, KISS wrapped up the two-month long 'Freedom to Rock' tour, hitting over 30 cities along the way. See photos and a review of their Fourth of July show in Arizona here.

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