Earlier this summer, the always polarizing and controversial Varg Vikernes and his wife Marie Chalet were arrested in France, where they reside. They were taken into custody on suspicion of being terrorists with plans to commit a large-scale massacre. The Burzum singer maintains their innocence and both he and his wife, who legally purchased rifles over the summer, detail their pasts and their arrest in an hour-long, separate interview. They also ask for your help in clearing their names.

Vikernes plans to sue the French authorities for how he and his wife were treated, but it's an expensive endeavor. He explains the ins and outs of the arrest and how cops searched their home, which he questions the legality of. His wife speaks of how she was treated while being questioned as well.

The French police arrested him as a preventative measure after he posted racist and anti-Semitic comments in a web forum and he still faces charges of violating French law for his racist comments and he will be tried in a French court.

This long interview presents their side of the story and their version of events as common people who feel that they are being abused by the Ministry of the Interior and its power and who feel their rights have been violated. It's up to you to decide which side you believe and if you place in validity in the Vikernes-Chalet account.

That said, Vikernes is facing the possibility of eviction from the country he's lived in for three years, which would orphan three young children and leave his expectant wife to care for four youngsters. A donation page to help them in their fight against the government is located here.

In the interview, Varg talks about killing Euronymous in a nonchalant way and how he flipped the script, since it was he who was Euronymous' intended victim. He called his 16-year jail stint "a forced stay in a monastery" where he read books and fed his mind.

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