More than two weeks after suffering a heart attack that necessitated an emergency operation, the 54-year-old King's X drummer Jerry Gaskill has been moved out of intensive care, the group revealed today (March 14) on its Facebook page.

"Jerry Gaskill has been moved out of the ICU to a normal room," the post read. "He has expressed that he wants food and something to drink. :) Hopefully soon! Thanks to everyone for the outpouring of support."

While that's good news, Gaskill's troubles aren't strictly health-related. In the aftermath of the Feb. 26 heart attack, the hard rock timekeeper faces staggering medical bills, and to that end, Kings X is offering a special download of 'Burning Down Boston: Live at The Channel 6.12.91,' a performance recorded while the band was supporting its 'Faith Hope Love' album.

The music is available via, and fans wishing to make additional contributions can do so by sending checks to Jerry Gaskill, c/o World Entertainment Inc., PO Box 3095, Sea Bright, N.J. 07760.

Watch King's X's 'Alone' Video

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