This story has been updated to reflect the announcement of a second cancelation.

Coming up on the tail of the "Abigail in Concert" 2015 run, King Diamond were forced to cancel their appearance in Tulsa, Okla. last night (Dec. 2). Suffering from a case of acute laryngitis, the band's namesake was left with no choice other than to nix the gig. The trek began right before Halloween on Oct. 29 and is slated to wrap up in two days in Dallas, Texas.

The band released a statement yesterday afternoon concerning the show. The statement read,

We are sorry to have to announce the cancellation of the Tulsa, Oklahoma show. King is suffering from a severe case of acute laryngitis. He was examined by a doctor this afternoon, and during the exam an anesthetic was used together with a laryngoscope. Not long after that, he had an extreme sensitivity reaction to the anesthetic no one had a chance to foresee, which he is still recovering from. For ticket refunds, please contact your place of purchase.

Unfortunately, King Diamond have released another statement, this time regarding the band's show in Houston, Texas tomorrow (Dec. 4). The band apologizes for another cancelation, stating,

Houston, we are very sorry to inform you that there is unfortunately no chance for King Diamond to perform at the House of Blues this Friday the 4th of December, due to the acute laryngitis, which caused the cancellation in Oklahoma this Tuesday.
An unforeseen effect of the anesthetic used in the examination this past Monday has delayed the healing process.
King has for once been silent, trying his damnedest to bring enough vocal chords back to complete the rest of the tour.
There is still hope for Dallas on Saturday, but do keep an eye on our Facebook just in case.
Again, Houston, we are very very sorry. You know how much we love playing for you.
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The tour has seen King Diamond perform their classic 1987 masterpiece Abigail in its entirety along with a few other King Diamond and Mercyful Fate favorites. A concert DVD will be made from the tour's Detroit and Philadelphia dates which were professionally filmed. The show is an elaborate one with a haunting stage complete with characters from the narrative joining the band as the story unfolds. Read our review and take a look at the photo gallery of the New York show here.

With the Abigail tour closing out the band's 2015 activities, they will look ahead to new music in 2016. Talking about the long-awaited follow-up to 2007's Give Me Your Soul... Please, King told the Guardian, “It’s coming out when it’s done. It has to be one that can kill every other album we ever did.” He continued, “Andy [LaRocque, guitar] and I have some ideas already, and I have my own recording studio out here, which means that for the first time ever I will have the opportunity to build a 50-voice choir if I feel like it!" Feeling relaxed, he added, "No one’s there pointing at the clock, saying, ‘You don’t need to make it any bigger.’ It will be amazing to do it this way."

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