In a clip from their recently released Beyond the Flames: Home Video Volume II that you can watch above, Killswitch Engage frontman Jesse Leach and some of his bandmates discuss a throat cancer scare that came early in his career and played a part in his leaving the band.

Leach reveals, "I went and got a checkup, and the guy is like, 'What I'm looking at here in your throat is a white bump' that came out of one of my vocal folds, and he goes, 'That might be cancer.'"

"So for the next week I couldn't talk to anybody," Leach continues. "I had to carry around a notepad. That was about a week and a half before that tour. I think that was the catalyst initially for me. I'm literally thinking, 'Do I want to die doing this?'"

Released Nov. 25, Beyond the Flames: Home Video Part II is a two-disc Blu-ray and CD collection with over 3 1/2 hours of material. It includes footage from Leach's first stint in the band and the moments that led him to leave in 2002. There's also a 75-minute documentary about Leach's return to Killswitch a decade later.

Live footage is included as well, taken from 17 separate performances from around the world, along with bonus footage. The CD is six previously unreleased songs from a "Monster Mosh" show in Worcester, Mass.

Killswitch will be going back on the road next year in support of their latest album Incarnate. The "Killthrax 2017" tour with Anthrax launches March 29 on Montclair, N.J. Just prior to that they'll be in New Zealand and Australia.

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