You've never seen a kid band play Justice-era Metallica quite like this band. Or maybe you have. But the proof is in the pudding — an amateur video has gone viral for showing a trio of pint-sized thrashers killing Metallica's 1988 track "Eye of the Beholder" on an outdoor storefront.

Given a boost in October by the Metallica fan account @metallica_fans_i_love on TikTok, viewers on that app have now watched the clip nearly 300,000 times. But the video appears to come from several years ago, judging by its original YouTube upload from 2016.

See the video down toward the bottom of this post.

The band performing the street-side Metallica number is called Hammerhedd, as Metal Hammer reported on Friday (Dec. 2). The young rockers, who are brothers, hail from Kansas City, Missouri. Earlier this month, Hammerhedd release the original single "Fruition."

"We are a band of brothers who play Thrash Metal," the trio — Abe Ismert, Eli Ismert and Henry Ismert — explain on their Facebook page. The Metallica-loving musicians were 4-, 7- and 9-years-old when the band was formed, according to the metal annals of Encyclopaedia Metallum.

Earlier this week, Metallica themselves announced their upcoming studio album, 72 Seasons, and shared the first single from the effort, "Lux Aeterna." 72 Seasons arrives April 14, 2023. Metallica will embark on an accompanying world tour. Get Metallica tickets here.

Hear more from Hammerhedd over on Facebook and Spotify.

Hammerhedd, "Eye of the Beholder" (Live Metallica Cover)

Metallica, "Eye of the Beholder"

Hammerhedd, "Fruition"

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