Dark humor wrapped in distortion and shaking feedback -- that was the calling card of Tumwater, Wash.'s Karp, the band that changed the game when it came to playing loud. And for quite a few years now there has been speculations and rumors of a documentary film on the influential band that was comprised of Jared Warren (Big Business, the Melvins), Chris Smith and Scott Jernigan (the Whip), who passed away in 2003; and as was reported by the Seattle paper The Stranger, the film 'Kill All Redneck Pricks: KARP Lives! 1990-1998' is in the editing stages, but there is more work to be done -- and get involved in.

The film has been a baby of Bill Badgley -- of Federation X and producer for Punched In the Head Productions -- as he's toiled over the film for over two years now. To help raise some needed funds for this labor of love and gain needed fan interviews Bradgley will be having Karp documentary benefit shows in Seattle, Olympia, Wash. and Portland, Ore. At these shows, Bradgley's band 1776 will play, as well as others like Akimbo and Marionettes of Satan, while scenes from the documentary are shown throughout the show.

Karp documentary benefit shows
Oct. -- 22 Seattle -- Mars Bar w/ Akimbo, Marionettes of Satan
Oct. -- 23 Bellingham, Wash. -- Jinx Art Space w/ Marionettes of Satan, Moons and Goochers
Oct. -- 24 Olympia, Wash. -- Northen w/ Hive Dwellers, Western Hymn, Marionettes of Satan
Oct. -- 25 Portland, Ore. -- Worksound w/ Purple Rhinestone Eagle, Marionettes of Satan