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Tampa, Fla.'s Kamelot recently released their ninth studio album, 'Poetry for the Poison,' on their own label, Kamelot Media Group. A good portion of their past releases feature human figures -- mostly female -- so it made sense to continue the loose tradition. For this, they enlisted Brazilian artist Seth Siro Anton to design the new album's art.

"It was a great challenge for me as an artist to visualize the music of this new Kamelot masterpiece," Anton revealed. "Really difficult, as I had to combine a fine art aesthetic and technique blended with a really dark, melancholic, poisoned atmosphere. I am really satisfied with the final result; it's definitely the darkest artwork for Kamelot so far. A sweet poison for the eyes that successfully addresses their new poetry of music."

One look at Anton's client list on the first page of his site boggles the mind, with a seemingly endless barrage of links to CD art, site layouts and merch designs. Anton serves almost as a one-stop-shop for a metal band to visually brand their career.

Kamelot are currently touring America to support 'Poetry for the Poisoned.'

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