Late Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham is one of the true greats in rock and roll and his hometown may soon be recognizing his accomplishments with a new statue in his honor.

The Redditch Standard reports that three local Redditch businessmen are currently seeking to raise funds to erect a statue or a sculpture in Bonham's honor. The idea also has the support of the drummer's sister, Deborah, who voiced her approval to the local paper.

"I'm absolutely thrilled about it," she stated. "John was unassuming, so he'd probably be a bit shy about it -- but I know he'd be very proud. I wish it had happened when my dad, mum and brother Michael were alive. To see it up there will be very emotional. It's just wonderful to know that he means that much, and his music brought that much joy to so many people."

Sam Dallaway, the owner of Rocktave Music Teaching Studios, is one of the city's three major backers of the campaign. He states, "John Bonham was a true Redditch legend -- he was born in the town, brought up in the town and made his music in the town to begin with. That's why we should honor him."

A number of local fundraising events are being held to bolster the campaign, including the republishing of Mick Bonham's book about his brother that is now on sale at the town's local Café Mambo. An international campaign is expected to follow in the fall.

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