Job for a Cowboy premiered the face-ripping new song "Imperium Wolves" from Demonocracy, which drops April 10. If you want to terrify the little kids in the neighborhood with a slab of br00tal death metal, then you might want to crank this as loud as you can. [Guitar World]

Ohio-based metal goliath Skeletonwitch streamed the "new" track, "Tragedy of Days." If they're Goliaths, that makes us (and our ears) Davids, huh? The song was recorded during the Forever Abomination sessions and appeared on the Decibel Magazine Flexi-Disc series, as well as the Japanese edition of Forever Abomination. Guitarist Scott Hedrick said, "'Tragedy of Days' was an epic instrumental by [guitarist] Nate [Garnette]'s former band Serkesoron. They disbanded after the untimely passing of Serkesoron's frontman, Thom Wright. Shortly after the band called it quits, Skeletonwitch was born. We re-recorded the track and Chance [Garnette] added vocals as a tribute to Thom, immortalizing him in song." [Prosthetic Records]

Female-fronted Canadian metallers The Agonist will release their third studio album Prisoners via Century Media on June 5. The band said, "Creating Prisoners was the most challenging under-taking to date for The Agonist. Years of emotion, passion, thought and experience went into making this album, and I think people will be able to hear, feel and think right along with us when they listen to Prisoners." [Via press release]

Converge will film their upcoming tour dates for a DVD project. The Boston band posted the news themselves: "Did we mention that we are filming this tour for additional footage for the upcoming CONVERGE DVD Project? Well now you know..." [Converge Twitter]

Want to feel like you saw a Mastodon show in the U.K.? Well, you can, as a professionally filmed clip of the Atlanta behemoths performing "Dry Bone Valley" at the 02 Academy Brixton in February 2012 has posted online. Don't headbang too hard. [YouTube]

Follow former Hollywood Undead singer Deuce around New York City, if you dare. Come on, you know you want to. Go on, have a good time with Deuce. [Loudwire]