Bill Whitmire

Janus will be releasing 'Nox Aeris,' their highly anticipated fourth studio album. Most Noisecreep readers will remember the Chicago rockers from their hit 2009 single, 'Eyesore.' The first single from 'Non Aeris,' the hook-heavy 'Stains,' has already found success on radio.

"Message-wise, this record is dark but cathartic and it approaches a sense of healing but from the opposite side the first record does. If the first record is the lighter side of the two Janus faces this record is the darker one. It reflects all we struggled with and overcame as a band," vocalist David Scotney told Noisecreep of 'Nox Aeris.'

In celebration of the new album, Noisecreep has partnered with Janus to bring you an exclusive sneak peek video every week day leading up to the March 27 release of 'Nox Aeris.'

Check out the first two clips below!

Pick up Janus albums and merchandise directly from the band at this link.

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