Chicago hard rockers Janus must be workaholics. Vocalist David Scotney spent the final 36 hours before the band headed out on their winter tour rigging out the band's van. But it wasn't to make the vehicle Xbox- or party-friendly. He turned it into a miniature recording studio instead.

"I've been running around like crazy," Scotney tells Noisecreep. "I'm getting the van set up with a new power system, so we can run our laptops and do some recording in the van. We're going to start noodling around for the next record while we're touring for the rest of the winter and spring."

Note that this is a van, not a big tour bus. "Yeah, exactly -- slash dressing room, slash hotel, slash restaurant. We pretty much do everything in there. It's a little cramped."

Though Janus' debut album, 'Red Right Return,' which was released by REALID Records through Warner Music's Independent Label Group last September, is still new to most of the world, the record was originally recorded in 2008. Now the quartet is eager to get going on some new songs. Well, at least Scotney is. "I think it's me mainly, I've got the itch to write, and if I come up with ideas I want to be able to get them down. We'd rather be a step ahead of the game. We'd rather write while we're on tour than in the studio."

"We've already got a lot of demos actually and a couple of songs that are closer to being finished," he continues. "It's kind of exciting, really. We're always trying to take the next step and top what we did. The bar has been raised pretty high for the next record."

Fans should not expect to hear any new material on the current tour just yet, though. "No, we're still really into these songs, and we'll concentrate on them live for now."