Jada Pinkett SmithIf your average metal fan were given the opportunity to curate an Ozzfest line-up, chances are slim that actress Jada Pinkett Smith would be at the top of their list. But back in 2005, Mrs. Fresh Prince herself actually took the stage with her 'melodic metal' band Wicked Wisdom as a second-stage act on the tour.

As you can probably imagine, results were mixed. "At first it was a little rough," she said on a recent episode of 'Lopez Tonight.' "I was getting death threats and all kinds of things." Still, the actress stayed positive throughout the experience, adding, "But we went out there and after the first week, we got our feet on the ground. We finished in Florida, and we made ... somewhat of an impression."

Given her and her family's film success (even her son's 'Karate Kid' remake made something like a few billion dollars), we don't think Smith has to worry too much about her metal career.

Watch the video of her interview below, courtesy of our friends at TV Squad.