Jackyl singer Jesse James Dupree is a lifelong Georgia boy, so if anyone knows the hot spots in Georgia beyond the standard tourist traps, it's Mr. Dupree. Jackyl have just released their new album, 'When Moonshine and Dynamite Collide,' and it's a blues-rock gem. Now, without further adieu, here are the joints Dupree told Noisecreep (and you) to check out:

The Clermont Lounge in Atlanta. "It's home to the world's oldest stripper. She's an older black lady and wears this big Dolly Parton-type blonde wig. When she gets through at night, she hangs it on a nail in the back and goes home. She crushes beer cans with her boobs. She is a huge attraction. It's under the Clermont Hotel and has window-unit air conditioners. It's a wretched old place that has been there since like 1810."

Delana. "You can pan for gold and get up to the Trail of Tears, where they captured all the Native Americans and marched them out to Oklahoma. The Trail of Tears started there. The land is beautiful and is something to see."

Savannah: "Savannah is a place that a lot of people don't realize how cool it is."

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