Five Finger Death Punch are currently working on their ninth album and singer Ivan Moody has shared a teaser clip of new music straight from the mixing console inside the studio.

When preparing their latest record, 2020's F8, the band continuously pumped out episodic videos from their studio sessions and generated a ton of buzz along the way as fans were granted a glimpse into Five Finger Death Punch's process — one that has catapulted them to the upper echelon of heavy music over what will soon be a 15-year career and counting.

As for what's in store on this next record is anyone's guess, but for now fans can sink their teeth into a 17-second clip Moody shared on his personal Instagram page. The frontman stares into the camera and counts down the seconds until the beat-driven, airy guitar passage is overcome by a bass drop and beefy metallic rhythms, to which Moody throws a perfectly time punch in the camera's direction.

The hashtag #andhellscomingwithme perhaps reveals the title of the song, or even potentially the album, but, for now, that's all speculation. What can be confirmed, however, is that Five Finger Death Punch are again teaming with producer Kevin Churko, who has been by their side for every studio record except for the 2007 debut The Way of the Fist.

Hear the audio clip below.

While Death Punch have laid low throughout 2021, Moody branched out and recently released an illustrated poetry book — Dirty Poetry From the Contagiously Contorted and Quixotically Twisted Mind of Ivan L. Moody. View sample pages and learn more about the book here.

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