Don't be THAT guy! You know, the one who disrupts a show enough that the singer stops down to address your behavior. In this case, the singer was Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson and the guy in question got a verbal tongue lashing from the vocalist before eventually being escorted from the show by security.

The disruption occurred at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre in Adelaide, Australia as Iron Maiden touched down for their May 12 show as part of "The Book of Souls" world tour. According to fans in attendance, a guy in a Raiders shirt pushed his way through the crowd toward the front of the stage, before upsetting another audience member took offense and confronted the man in question. When the audience member did confront him, the Raiders-shirt wearing guy started hitting and shoving before being restrained.

This caught Dickinson's attention as he finished "Fear of the Dark," and just a beat after the song's final note, he pointed out the offender stating, "To the gentleman in the front with the Raiders shirt on. Yeah, you, yeah, you, being restrained by a couple of very friendly fans. Just f--king calm down, all right, will ya? Otherwise… Yeah, you. Otherwise you will be exiting."

At this point, it appeared as though the man in question did not take well to Dickinson's comments, so the singer continued, "Pick a window. I hope you like hospital food. You, yeah. Give me the f--king finger, mate. You f--king come backstage and I'll f--king sort you out myself. C--t!"

Dickinson then joked in a lyrical voice, "Normal service will resume as soon as possible," before the band played on. Watch it all play out in the fan-shot video above. Iron Maiden are currently touring and you can see the dates on their world tour here.

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