One month and a day after releasing the first Senjutsu track, "The Writing on the Wall," metal legends Iron Maiden have released a new version of the music video, which has been enhanced with sound effects to match the epic storyline that unfolds.

In the video, a series of cloaked riders (later revealed to be several iterations of the famed mascot Eddie) ride out across an open desert, quickly approaching a distant tower that was the focal point of the 'Belshazzar's Feast' flyers that were circulated amid a viral, cryptic teaser campaign that preceded the song's release.

There are many nods to Maiden's rich history along the way (see the 22 Easter eggs we spotted at the bottom of the page) and, eventually, the riders breach the tower and Samurai Eddie utilizes his weapons to enact revenge (or justice — you decide) against a tyrant ruler who, after discerning a few obvious clues, closely resembles the most recent ex-president of the United States.

Eddie, positioned as the driver in a vehicle after the foes have been vanquished, including a gushy sound effect once the skeletal figure's hatchet strikes the head of the aforementioned leader, tosses an apple to the ethereal Adam and Eve figures in the back seat to close out the video with a satisfying crunch as Eve takes the first bite.

"Ever watch the video for 'The Writing on the Wall' and think, 'This needs motorbike noises and explosions and a splooge when that dude's head explodes...' We got you," wrote Maiden on Twitter while revealing the enhanced video.

Watch the music video at the bottom of the page.

Senjutsu, Iron Maiden's 17th studio album, will be released on Sept. 3. To learn more about the record, (spoiler alert!) read our track-by-track guide and review from and Iron Maiden superfan who has already heard the album.

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