Limp Bizkit is once again the biggest band in the world and Woodstock '99 has returned to media headlines, so let’s take a look at some more essential nu metal history.

Nu metal with zero context is essentially just nu metal. The iconic genre gave us some of the most awesome and most cringeworthy moments in music history, like the adventures of Troy in a Powerman 5000 mosh pit. According to MTV, the brodude reporter sustained an incredible 14 bruises while in the pit. Someone call an ambulance.

Remember the old WWF Attitude era? Kid Rock hypeman Joe C appeared in a segment with Edge and Christian, getting savagely beaten after refusing to watch one of the tag team’s “five second poses.” Unnecessary? Yes. Hilarious? Also yes.

The historical record of nu metal can be defined by the first clip in this compilation. A massive nu metal fan managed to get a hold of Crazy Town, conducting an interview with the band in the middle of American suburbia. The dudes discuss partying, emails, the band’s undefined genre and much more — it’s essential viewing.

Check out these nu metal moments with zero context in the video below.

Nu Metal

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