Iron Maiden are reportedly attempting to legally block a trademark application by the new undergarment company Maiden Wear, which specializes in a variety of clothing accessories such as abdominal corsets, bras, lingerie, underwear and shapewear.

Per Complete Music Update, the metal legends' legal representation has expressed concern over "likelihood of confusion" in the marketplace, meaning Iron Maiden fans may assume that Maiden Wear is associated with the group.

Currently, Iron Maiden own a trademark for “clothing, namely, T-shirts, tank tops, long sleeve shirts, shorts, jerseys, sweatshirts, sweatpants, pants, jackets, hats, leather wrist bands, scarves and shoes," as noted by their lawyers.

It is further argued in a recent filing submitted to the U.S. Trademark Trial and Appeal Board that "the dominant term in applicant’s Maiden Wear mark is Maiden and therefore the mark is confusingly similar in appearance and connotation to opposer’s Iron Maiden mark."

The band's legal team also contends that the Maiden Wear undergarment line's trademark application "are related to or the same as goods covered by the Iron Maiden registration and/or for which opposer has acquired common law rights in the United States."

The filing goes on to state that the undergarment line, when used in connection with the Maiden Wear name "is likely to deceive or cause consumer confusion or mistake among members of the public and potential purchasers as to the source, sponsorship or composition of applicant’s goods in relation to opposer’s goods."

Regarding the negative impact for Iron Maiden, the filing argues, "Such confusion will damage opposer and injure its reputation in the trade and with the public."

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Beyond the technical legalities, it's worth noting the opening lyric on Iron Maiden's eponymous song, which appeared on their 1980 self-titled album and is the most frequently played song in their live set, having been performed over 2,300 times (via

"Won't you come into my room / I wanna show you all my wares"

Meanwhile, Iron Maiden are gearing up for the launch of their new The Future Past tour, which will place a special focus on their latest album, Senjutsu, as well as the 1986 classic Somewhere in Time among other hits. See all the upcoming dates here and head to this location for tickets.

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