Did you know Steve Harris had a promising career as a professional soccer player during his youth? Fortunately, he kept his bass strapped to his side and pursued Iron Maiden instead and it's safe to say there's probably not much regret there. Maiden's (and especially Harris') love of soccer is well-known and on a day off before performing in Dallas, Texas, they took to the field for a pickup soccer match.

"This was a low key event; not too many people knew about this, but there were some fans that they did hear about it; they came out to up the irons and get a close look at one of their idols," said news reporter Ken Molestina, reporting on the action for CBS DFW (video above). Harris and the rest of Maiden's team donned red and black jerseys with vertical alternating stripes and Eddie's The Book of Souls visage adorning the front. They had played four matches in Europe already this year and completed 10 on the previous tour.

When it was all over, team FC Maiden (comprised of Harris and some of Maiden's crew) lost 4-1, but it was a fun day for both the team and the fans. The team notched a rousing win against Sepultura in 2008, handily defeated the Brazilian act by a score of 7-2 according to guitarist Andreas Kisser. Three years earlier, Maiden lost a match against members of Satyricon and Turbonegro as they were outscored 8-1.

Iron Maiden are currently on the second North American leg of their world tour in support of one of 2015's best metal albums, The Book of Souls. Ghost have been tapped as the supporting act and a list of remaining stops can be found here.

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