Slipknot have wrapped up the touring cycle for 2014's standout effort, .5: The Gray Chapter, which yielded anthemic new cuts like "The Negative One" and "The Devil in I" among others. With frontman Corey Taylor's focus currently on Stone Sour's forthcoming album, Hydrograd, and subsequent tour, he's clued fans in as to how long they'll have to wait on Slipknot to release their next record and what musical direction he's looking to take on it.

"Nothing's going on," Taylor told Metal Wani (audio below) when asked about Slipknot's current status. "We ain't doing s--t for two years. I'm doing Stone Sour. Clown's doing his movie thing. Everybody's kind of doing their own thing right now. So we're just kind of letting ourselves have some time away, which is cool. Sometimes you just have to do that — sometimes you have to go away and let people miss you. So that's what the plan is right now — just us kind of hanging out, letting everybody kind of catch their breath and then we'll figure it out from there."

Regarding the next Slipknot album, Taylor expressed, "I know I want to write something violent, to be honest. I want to do something that feels uncomfortable. I want go somewhere where we haven't been in a long, long time. I don't know what that means, but I think when I hear it, I'll know what it is."

With this promise, it seems to be a guarantee Taylor and co. won't draw any more "Nickelback lite" comparisons. Chad Kroeger, frontman for the Canadian rock powerhouse, threw the diss at Stone Sour in a recent interview, irked by comments made by Taylor about Nickelback in the past. He also went on to call Slipknot a "gimmick" because they wear masks onstage. Taylor later fired back and also told Metal Wani he felt Kroeger's move was simply to get attention, adding, "I think it's just him being really sad in his life and, honestly, I wish him well, but you went about the wrong way to try to get some attention, buddy."

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