In VainNoisecreep spoke with photographic illustrator Marcelo Vasco from Poisoned to Reality Designs before, when he did the artwork for Impious' 'Death Domination.' The Brazilian lent his talents to Norwegian metal band In Vain for their early 2010 release, 'Mantra.' "[The] 'Mantra' artwork has a conception a bit different from what I generally do," Vasco told Noisecreep. "It has a dark feeling, but at the same time, it's wide, complex and spiritually advanced in a weird but great way.

"The cover shows a very old and damaged fortress taken root in a kind of sacred place," Vasco said of his handwork. "Concentrating all kind of human and inhuman energies through the power of thought to reach only one equal wish, despite the different feelings and traditions! That's my vision about [the] 'Mantra' cover."

As always, Vasco relied on the all-powerful Photoshop for his execution, for photo manipulation, layers and brushes. "I worked in connection [with guitarist] Johnar," Vasco mentioned, "... and I think we got reach the best visual result to express the strength of 'Mantra' title [and] conception. Hope all people enjoy this! It's an amazing album!"

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