In This Moment

Instead of simply collecting a rote, year-end album list from In This Moment frontwoman Maria Brink, we decided to poll her on other favorite things, like her favorite place to tour, her favorite metal vixens and her favorite metal dudes!

Favorite places to tour: Tokyo, Amsterdam, Scotland -- those were the first three off the top of her head. "But New Mexico has the best shows in the world. A lot of Native Americans are in the middle of nowhere in the country, but they love their music and they are mind-blowing fans. They bring us gifts. You get presents everywhere when you tour, actually," Brink said. "L.A. is where we started, and we are from there. All of our friends are there, too. So those shows are good, too!"

Favorite fellow metal chicks/vixens: "Cristina [Scabbia] from Lacuna Coil is my friend, and I love Candice [Kucsulain] from Walls of Jericho, too," Brink said. "I love Janis Joplin. She may have been around a long time ago, but she was amazing. Angela [Gossow] from Arch Enemy is the real deal. How about Stevie Nicks? Can she count? She's rock. Can I count her, even though she's not metal?" Sure, why not!

Favorite metal dude musicians: Brink said, "I love Phil Anselmo, he is the man obviously. And there is Chino [Moreno] from the Deftones, too. My boyfriend, Jonathan [Miller] from DevilDriver. He is number one. I also dig Tim [Lambesis] from As I Lay Dying and Ozzy Osbourne. And Ivan of Five Finger Death Punch, too!"

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