Playing metal eats up a lot of one's energy. Playing metal while filming a video for one of your heaviest songs in the desert is equally an energy vampire. But Impending Doom sucked it up while filming the video for 'There Will Be Violence,' which Noisecreep is proud to premiere.

"The filming process for this video was intense," bassist Dave Sittig told Noisecreep. "We shot it in the middle of the desert in Arizona. It was 117 degrees for about nine hours of the shoot. Later in the evening it 'cooled down' to about 105, ha!" In a word, it was incredibly hot, but the band survived, dressed in all black, a color known for attracting the sun and thus making you sweat even more.


Brook Reeves concurred, saying, "While we were shooting the video for 'There Will Be Violence,' it was very hot. I think it was like 110 and we were out there busting our butts, headbanging and sweating for like eight hours. Then when it was all said and done and we are totally beat, we drive to our trailer that was off location. We find it broken into and couple bullet holes. We think it was an Arizona redneck because the only things they took were our tools and left an empty beer can. We were too tired to really care. Great video though."

Check out the video for 'There Will Be Violence' right now. The video has some cool shots of the sweaty band in the sweltering heat and of their silhouettes during sundown.

The song is a mosh-worthy good time, too. When 'There Will Be Violence' is screamed over and over ... it feels like a promise and direct action not a threat.

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