On Oct. 25, when New York death metal legends Immolation played Virginia's Jaxx, the band wanted to make the most of their set time. With minimal space between songs, frontman Ross Dolan thanked the crowd for coming out on a Monday night. "Now I'm going to shut the f--- up," Dolan said as he introduced the band's next song, 'Hate's Plague.'

Immolation are a working person's band. When they are at home, they work hard and they know their fans do, too. While they embrace the time they get to play shows, they know not everyone's life is filled with playing death metal. And yes, that can be said about many American bands -- but Immolation really get it.

With a month of being on the road, however, you can tell the band was getting tired of living in a van. Still, they powered through an hour of playing some of the most brutal death metal around. Guitarist Bob Vigna played like he had all the knowledge in the world. When it comes to death metal shredding, he pretty much does.

Justina Villanueva
Justina Villanueva

"It's not about numbers tonight!" Dolan said about the small turnout. Like many bands who play Jaxx, he can see it's never about how many people come watch you; it's that the people who do come will headbang like they will never headbanged again.

At the end of the night, Dolan gave shout outs to all the bands on the tour: Lecherous Nocturne, Abigail Williams and Vader -- whom Immolation have toured with three times in their death metal career.

Then the vocalist/bassist did one of the most impressive things a band that has been playing shows since 1986 can do. He remembered the last time Immolation played Jaxx! He introduced 'Power and Shame' off of 'Majesty Decay' -- the band's 2010 release -- just in case Virginian's didn't have a chance to pick up the new album yet. In case you haven't yet, the album is available through Nuclear Blast.

Even though the Immolation and Vader tour ceased several days after they played Jaxx, Immolation will be back on the road, touring Europe throughout November.

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