New York death metal institution Immolation are currently holed up in the studio doing what the band does best: writing headbanging anthems! Vocalist/bassist Ross Dolan told Noisecreep, "This is going to be our eighth full-length release, and it is going to be our first release for Nuclear Blast Records. We have 10 songs this time around, and I would have to say we are all really happy with these new tracks."

Dolan made a large statement about the tunes, saying, "People can expect our fastest, most intense album to date." For a band like Immolation, the descriptors "fast" and "intense" are pretty much par for the course, so Dolan is certainly setting up some large expectations for the album!

"[Drummer] Steve [Shalaty] has really pushed the limits of his playing with us and has forced us to push things up a notch," Dolan also revealed. "The end result will be nothing short of Immolation at our absolute best." Blast beats and super-human drum work is the hallmark of death metal and it appears as Shalaty is laying a strong foundation.

Dolan continued, "Each song has all the traditional Immolation elements, from the dark and twisted guitar melodies, the big sinister epic parts, the heavier-than-hell slow parts to the never stopping militant parts! I think this album will surprise both the die-hards and the newcomers to our style. It's a very well put together album with many twists and turns and great dynamics. Each song is unique on its own, yet each is a very important piece in this ten song puzzle. It blends perfectly the classic old style with the newer, fine-tuned style of the last few albums, and really has something to offer everyone."

So if you like Immolation or like the musical cocktail that Dolan just described, then you'll be first in line for the new Immolation album when it drops next year.

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