"We are very happy you all joined us. We know you hate the weeknight shows," Immolation frontman Ross Dolan told fans at The Studio. On July 28, the New York death metal veterans played an intimate one-off show put on by the Blackened Music Series with Disma and Arsis.

The night was filled with shout outs to old school Immo fans who've supported the band for 23 years. Dolan is as nice as they come, especially for a person who fronts a death metal band. His hair is longer than the height of many humans'. Yet what he grunts during songs has more power than a natural disaster. When Dolan called for a pit -- it was a subtle "you know what to do now" calling -- he got one.

Justina Villanueva
Justina Villanueva

"This next one goes out to a fellow New York City truck driver like myself." Dolan said as he dedicated 'Father You're Not a Father' to Jimmy.

The band played new songs off of 'Majesty and Decay,' like 'Power and Shame.' Dolan claims it's the band's first love song -- for their love of the church. They also went back as far as to their first album and played the title track off of 'Dawn of Possession.'

After a telling the crowd that Immolation had a couple more songs for us, the band only played one before stepping off stage. Fans were not having it. A couple minutes later, after the clapping and a confused chant settled, Immolation came back on stage.

"That's not an encore. That's four old men needing to get air from the fan in the back," Dolan said. He made sure to send us out early so we could get some sleep before work the next day, because that's exactly what he was going to do.

You can catch Immolation this fall when they tour the states with Vader, Abigail Williams, Lecherous Nocturne and Pathology.

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