Ihsahn will be unleashing his fifth solo album 'Das Seelenbrechen' on Oct. 22 in North America. Pre-orders for the digital, CD and vinyl versions of  the album will begin Sept. 10.

The Emperor frontman's past solo albums have explored a variety of genres, with the last two being very progressive and featuring saxophone parts. This one, though, is a step in a different direction.

"Musically, this album is a very deliberate sidestep to what I have been doing; a necessity to reset the creative parameters so not to fall into formula," Ihsahn reveals. "I think I do my best work slightly outside of my comfort zone and I've wanted to do something like this for a long time. Free form and improvisational can be scary for a musician but it is very liberating at the same time."

'Das Seelenbrechen' was recorded at his own studio in Norway in collaboration with Leprous drummer Tobias Ornes Anderson. In discussing the album, Ihsahn says, "The general idea for this album was to try and dig deep into this raw source and express it without too much refinery and do so within a less familiar musical landscape. It is the reason for several purely improvised songs and parts on this album. I spontaneously performed with just lyrics and the idea of the atmosphere I was wishing to create. While many will feel it sounds different, I don't think it is necessarily different from my previous album. And in my head, it will fit in perfectly with my plans for the sixth album."

Norwegian black metal legends Emperor will reunite next year at the Wacken Open Air Festival to celebrate the 20th anniversary of 'In the Nightside Eclipse.' Ihsahn, Samoth and Faust will perform the album in its entirety. They will also play some other festivals, but have no plans to record any new material.

Ihsahn, 'Das Seelenbrechen' Track Listing

1. 'Hilber'
2. 'Regen'
3. 'NaCl'
4. 'Pulse'
5. 'Tacit 2'
6. 'Tacit'
7. 'Rec'
8. 'M'
9. 'Sub Alter'
10. 'See'
11. 'Entropie' (bonus)
12. 'Hel' (bonus)