Vocalists Alex Varkatzas (Atreyu) and Brandan Schieppati (Bleeding Through) are two heavily tattooed top dogs of the Orange County-based metalcore scene and have joined forces to start a war... I Am War, that is.

Formed earlier this year, I Am War, which features Varkatzas on vocals and Schieppati doing double duty by singing and playing guitar, have hit the ground running, signing a multi-album deal with Razor & Tie. The terrifying twosome is currently writing and demoing new tunes that should end up on their label debut, which is on tap for spring of next year.

The goal for I Am War is extreme-as-possible. "Brandan and I are extremely happy to sign with Razor & Tie," Varkatzas said in a statement. "We feel like they fully understand the musical intentions of I Am War, and we couldn't be more excited about our future. I am personally looking forward to making the most extreme record I have ever been a part of. We are looking forward to creating an album filled with super aggressive, heavy, energetic metallic, raw, punky hardcore. The kind of music that boils your blood and inspires you to get up and move."

A demo of 'The Poisoning,' which combines the speed and ferocity of punk rock with the unbridled rage of metal, has been posted for your listening (and moshing) enjoyment. Be prepared to have the wind knocked out of you. It's like a karate chop to the trachea.

Listen to 'The Poisoning' From I Am War

Look for I Am War's debut album to hit stores in 2012 via Razor & Tie.

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