Hypocrisy are making an unusual comeback with the release of their latest record, 'A Taste of Extreme Divinity.' Multi-instrumentalist Peter Tägtgren considers the band his main focus, though he has had a variety of side-projects. None have gotten as big as Pain, which in 10 years and six albums put them in a solid supporting slot for Nightwish during their latest tour.

"When Pain started getting really popular in Sweden people thought that was the only thing I'd ever done," Tägtgren told Brave Words. It's a form of industrial metal that is equally fused with techno and its power-pop sound has absolutely nothing to do with the dark, heavy riffage of Hypocrisy. The new Hypocrisy album will be released in America the first week of November, and Tägtgren hopes that the popularity he's attracted via Pain will turn more heads towards his original, most-loved project.

Tägtgren says that moving from the Pain sound to Hypocrisy, as different as they are, were easy for him. "I've learned a lot from playing live with Pain because with the way the music is -- with that chugging rhythm -- you've got to be so f---ing tight." Keeping it separate also keeps the fans happy.

With a smile, Tägtgren says, "I think the Hypo fans have forgiven me for Pain's commercial success."