Henry RollinsIn Western culture, hunger is not a leading cause of death, and Henry Rollins has taken it upon himself to expose many of us to the ugly truth the hunger crisis is a big deal around the world. He teamed up with writer/director Neil Hollander for this project, which is squeezed between his busy schedule as a spoken-word artist, a DJ on KCRW and his acting spot on FX's 'Sons Of Anarchy.'

When Revolver magazine asked the former Black Flag frontman why he was so interested in the topic, Rollins said, "It is one of the most disgusting ways to die, because it is so slow and there are so many witnesses." The film -- titled 'H for Hunger' -- is screening at the Royal Flush Festival in New York City on Oct. 17.

Making the film was a learning process for Rollins, too. "I didn't know what the body goes through as it starves to death. I thought you just get hungry -- I didn't know that the body systematically shuts down things just trying to stay alive," he admitted. "That the body is a very efficient machine that wants to live."

Rollins and Hollander will also work together again on 'Under the Radar: Burma,' a documentary about military dictatorship in Myanmar.

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