On recent tours, Helmet have been performing their 1992 release 'Meantime' in its entirety. While that album nears its 20th anniversary, 1994's 'Betty' is another fan favorite that audiences want to hear start-to-finish.

Frontman Page Hamilton recently spoke to Noisecreep about the possibility of Helmet playing 'Betty' in its entirety on a forthcoming tour. "I don't know," he said. "If somebody asked us to do it, and showed us the money, we would consider it."

"Just to do for the sake of doing it... We have so many songs that are fun to play. We like that we have 65 to 70 songs to draw from. They are songs that are staples, but over the last couple of years, because we've become so comfortable with each other, we rotated stuff quite a lot more. By the end of the Europe tour, the sets could be wildly different, from the opener to the ending. It's more fun to keep it fresh like that."

Hamilton said the band plans on focusing more on their latest release, 'Seeing Eye Dog', as well as an assortment of songs spanning the band's history.

"The next couple of tours will concentrate on the new album," he said. "We'll play everything off the new album with the exception of 'Morphing' and 'LA Water.' So for Australia, New Zealand and Brazil we have coming up, we'll be playing a lot of new stuff."

"We've contemplated learning a couple more songs off of 'Betty', the ones I've shied away from because it's really hard for me. 'Vaccination' is really cool. It's a difficult song. We surprise ourselves sometimes. We could do all of the 'Aftertaste' record. We know all of that. We all know all of 'Strap It On.' 'Betty's' a little more of a challenge. I shy away from a couple of the songs on there. We probably have 3/4ths of the album all ready. We have to learn the weird, Henry [Bogdan]/Page co-writes: 'Why the Long face Mister Ed' to 'The Silver Hawaiian' and 'Rollo', which we did live back in the day; and 'Beautiful Love', which we did live."

"The only song that hasn't been performed from that album live is 'Sam Hell', I believe. Everything else I've played. We would have to go in and learn it."

Watch the video for 'Wilma's Rainbow'

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