As soon as the news about the recent shooting death of pop star Christina Grimmie was delivered, it had an all too familiar feel for those in the hard rock and metal world. Grimmie was gunned down by an assailant during a post-concert meet-and-greet. Back in 2004, the music world lost legendary Pantera and Damageplan guitarist Dimebag Darrell when a gunman entered an Ohio club where Damageplan was playing and killed Dime along with several of the band's security and crew. In a new interview with Odessa, Texas radio station KBAT 99.9 FM, Dimebag's brother, current Hellyeah drummer Vinnie Paul, spoke about the recent tragedy.

During a chat with KBAT radio host Muttley, Paul stated, "It just floored me, man. I never thought it would happen again after [Dimebag's murder]. And that's really almost the same scenario that happened to my brother."

He continued, "It's just unbelievable that there's still people that are that fanatical and that crazy out there in today's world that we don't have enough security to keep that from happening." Paul concluded, "It's a dangerous world, man. You've gotta keep your eyes and ears peeled and be on the alert all the time."

Paul, who was a member of Pantera and Damageplan with Dimebag Darrell, eventually returned to music as the drummer for Hellyeah. The group just released their fifth studio album, Unden!able, and you can hear Paul discuss more about Hellyeah and their current disc with KBAT host Muttley at this location.

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