Last week, Polish death metallers Decapitated announced they were pursuing legal action against their former record label Earache for unpaid royalties. Earache has now offered their side of story, calling the apparent legal action “garbage” and claiming this matter was settled in court back in November 2015.

Decapitated guitarist Vogg recorded a video message accusing Earache of failing to pay the band royalties for the past 10 years. To help fund the band’s suit against Earache, a limited edition shirt and hoodie was put up for sale. Fans were quick to take Decapitated’s side on the issue, but according to Earache label manager in the U.K. and Europe, Dan Tobin, this new development is a non-story.

"This issue was dealt with by the courts in the U.K. back in November, categorically in Earache’s favor, so this a non-story in reality,” Tobin tells Team Rock. “The court decided in Earache’s favor back in November, actually awarding Earache substantial costs, which are yet to be received. Obviously they feel wronged by the court decision, which by the way, was instigated by the band."

Tobin continues, "The fact that the band’s representatives failed even to turn up in court to hear the judgment on the proceedings they themselves instigated says it all. Clearly, they knew then as they know now that this is garbage."

The Earache rep goes on to claim the label has yet to receive any paperwork on the alleged proceedings to come. Stay tuned as further details emerge.

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