If you blinked you may have missed some of the killer content we had on Noisecreep this week. It's not your fault, really, since we're sort of the "new kid on the block." We're still shaking off the dust and tuning things up, but we look forward to another great week.

In the meantime, check out some of the stuff we've posted which you may have missed.

First off, Infernus (at left) talked to us about the the "court battle" with Gaahl and King ov Hell.

Mastodon showed us their tattoos, and performed three songs in our studio. We were pretty pumped for that.

Ex-Bury Your Dead Guitarist Eric Ellis talked to us about getting held at gun point and beaten with a hammer.

Carrie Underwood pissed off some Motely Crue fans.

Some photos from the Metal Couture fashion show.

Karl Buechner talked to us about getting Earth Crisis back together.

Jacoby Shaddix of Papa Roach told us their new album is "naked and fearless."

Scott Ian talked to us about the new Anthrax album, 'Worship Music.'

Edsel Dope talked about the new Dope album, saying, "we wanted to show that the band has musicianship to it and that our guitarist can rip and the drum patterns are more intense." Rock!

The Terminator Comic features bad guys wearing a Killswitch Engage shirts.

VIDEO: Killswitch Engage - 'My Curse'

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