The Heavy Metal Hookers of the Philly Roller Girls League are tried and true metalheads. "Before every bout, I listen to Slayer and I'd say that 'Show No Mercy' is the album we listen to the most," proud Hooker Robin Drugstores told Noisecreep. "I am riding in my car, driving to a bout, blasting Slayer and getting pumped and in the moment. It gets me angry."

Slayer isn't the only band that gets the adrenaline, estrogen and plasma pumping for the Heavy Metal Hookers. "Anything Satanic will do, really," Drugstores said with a hearty laugh. "We skate out to 'Kill 'Em All' by Metallica and lots of Mercyful Fate. It's all old-school metal, none of that new, bulls--- 'false metal,' which I like to call it. I am 39 years old, and I still listen to the music I loved as a kid. I think it's the aggression factor, the speed, the energy and getting some 'Satanic' power is why we blast this music, and that is all one can hope for!"

The Heavy Metal Hookers also have skated out onto the rink to the likes of Motörhead and Overkill, certainly not that "false metal" crap that Drugstores and her teammates disdain! Drugstores cannot answer what band has the best ability to get her juices flowing and prepare her body for a bout.

"Slayer will do it for me every time, but I can't even give you a specific song," she said. "Because everything is so godd--- good. They are number one in my book. We listen to Fate because King Diamond is so Satanic, so that's fun! Old Metallica was so fast and aggressive and sounds like machine guns. So that's good, too."

Drugstores' 7-year-old daughter is also the mascot of the Heavy Metal Hookers, and she goes by the name Fire Unicorn, which she came up with herself. Musically, Fire Unicorn likes metal, but Drugstores admits "she is into Queen right now and that's not a bad thing. I'm OK with that." The Heavy Metal Hookers make skatin' for Satan fun for gals of all ages.

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