Heavy Metal Concept Albums That Should Be Made Into Movies
To say that heavy metal music possesses a flair for the dramatic would be the understatement of the century. From epic battles between God and Satan to musclebound warriors swishing swords and winning over busty babes, the imagery is often theatrical, cinematic, and over-the-top enough to draw equal amounts of ire and praise...
Heavy Metal Grammy Awards: Who Has Won, Who Should Have Won
"I don't know what this means. I don't think it means anything" -- Eddie Vedder, accepting a Grammy for Pearl Jam's 'Spin the Black Circle,' 1996 I tend to take the Pearl Jam Attitude toward the Grammys, but it's still fun to sit back and watch people who know nothing about metal try and hand out awards for "Best Performance" every year...
Best Metal Songs of 1986
By all rights, the early 1980s heavy metal craze should have been done by 1986, leaving behind only the neon scars, pink bandannas, and bootleg Quiet Riot T-shirts. Instead, an underground armada led by Metallica, Megadeth and Slayer reconfigured metal from the ground up, bringing bullet belts to the masses while injecting energy, integrity, and even some intelligence into its aggression... Read
King Diamond Recovering From Triple Bypass Open Heart Surgery
Noisecreep is pleased to report that King Diamond is expected to make a full recovery from open heart surgery. The King underwent triple bypass open heart surgery, which was deemed a success by his doctors. King's wife Livia posted the following news on the King's website, detailing his operation (and the painful process of being catheterized) and how it affects King's music at the present time...

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