Hatebreed bandleader Jamey Jasta has proposed that the vocals on Metallica's 2011 collaborative album with the Velvet Underground's Lou Reed, Lulu, should get a redo from himself and some other rock and metal stars.

He's not joking. Suggesting that Dee Snider, Crowbar's Kirk Windstein, Sebastian Bach and Machine Head's Robb Flynn join him in such an endeavor, the Hatebreed vocalist promised a $50,000 donation to Metallica's All Within My Hands Foundation for the opportunity.

On Twitter Tuesday (Aug. 4), Jasta made clear he meant no disrespect to Reed, the late rock icon who provides the majority of vocals on Lulu. Reed's spoken word performances drive the effort that features instrumental contributions from Metallica's Lars Ulrich, James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett and Robert Trujillo. It's the last full-length studio album with which Reed was involved before his death from liver disease in October 2013.

"50k donation to @Metallica's @AWMHFoundation if they let @deesnider @crowbarrules @sebastianbach @TheGeneralMH myself & others write our own vocals over Lulu's instrumentals!" Jasta said. "Couldn't hurt! No diss to Lou Reed I'm just brainstorming recording ideas while we're aren't touring."

In a bid to draw Metallica's attention, the Hatebreed figurehead proceeded to tag some of the band's members on the social networking service. "This could be killer bro!" Jasta told Hammett. "We can honor Lou Reed & make this amazing," he directed to Hammett and Trujillo.

From there, the idea expanded to notionally include several further rock singers. Names Jasta added to the mix included Corey Taylor, Volbeat's Michael Poulsen, King Diamond, Sacred Reich's Phil Rind and more.

At least one of the suggested musicians appears to be fully on board with the project. In a tweet from Snider, the former Twisted Sister singer endorsed the idea with a hearty exhortation of "C'MON BOYS!"

Perhaps more than its music, Lulu's often remembered for the polarizing reviews it garnered. In a contemporaneous assessment, Pitchfork noted it had been 'preemptively crowned 'The Worst Album of All Time.'"

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