In a discography as coveted as Hate Eternal's, 'Phoenix Amongst the Ashes,' their latest album, still amazes. Released in May by Metal Blade, the 10-song affair is a study in intensity and control. Just when a section in an arrangement seems like it's going to run off the rails, the power trio reign it all in, proving they have the musical prowess and know how to pull off material this technically involved.

Guitarist-vocalist Erik Rutan commented that "the band has come up with one of [their] heaviest, most twisted, evil, melodic, and insane albums yet," and we can't disagree with the dude. Noisecreep is beyond thrilled to be premiering 'Lake Ablaze,' the brand new video from Hate Eternal. Directed by David Brodsky [As I Lay Dying, Suicide Silence], the clip is unlike most other death metal videos. Instead of the usual shock tactic type of imagery favored by other directors, Brodsky bathes Rutan's guttural screams in soft orange, pink and purple light. Check out the video below the cut.

Watch 'Lake Ablaze' from Hate Eternal

The clip for 'Lake Ablaze' is part of Scion A/V's fifth installment of videos featuring a conglomeration of talented musicians and filmmakers. The contributors that Scion tapped for this fifth installment speaks on the company's commitment to assist up-and-coming talent in the pursuit of their creative aspirations. Scion A/V has stepped forward to provide the resources necessary to produce the visually stunning and aurally enjoyable videos from some the world's newest talents in a number of genres.

Scion has now released 49 videos by independent artists.Scion A/V fully funds these projects and streams the exclusive content on Scion's online platforms. In its continuing support for the arts, Scion covers costs on all production, licensing, and distribution for the A/V projects. All proceeds go directly to the label and artists involved

Hate Eternal's 'Phoenix Amongst the Ashes' is available now via Metal Blade.

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