The Metal Alliance Tour is celebrating its fifth anniversary, and organizers have just revealed the lineup for this year's trek. Death metal legends  will be headlining, with Entombed A.D., Hate Eternal and Black Crown Initiate also on the bill. One more artist is expected to be announced at a later date.

The tour will kick off in May on the East Coast and run through June. Exact dates, venues and ticket information will be announced soon.

Deicide have been a controversial band since their inception in the late '80s. In an interview with Loudwire, frontman  says despite his evil image, he's just a normal dude.

"I’m just a regular person, just a stay at home dad," Benton says. "I take care of my 12-year-old, send him off to school in the morning. I grocery shop, I wash laundry, mow the grass, I’m just a regular person … during the day. At night, when the Cross starts showing, then I put my Deicide boots on."

Deicide's latest album In the Minds of Evil was released in 2013. The band has been working on the follow-up, which is expected to be released sometime this year. Though nothing is confirmed as of yet, it may very well be out by the time the Metal Alliance Tour launches.

Entombed A.D. were formed by four former members of the Swedish death 'n roll troop Entombed, including vocalist L.G. Petrov. Their debut album Back To the Front was released last year.

Hate Eternal last released 2011's Phoenix Amongst the Ashes, but have been in the studio working on a new album. The band was said to be mixing the disc in January. Meanwhile, Black Crown Initiate's The Wreckage of Stars disc was released last year.

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