You may not have the coin to fly down for any of the dates on Guns N' Roses' upcoming South American trek, but the good news is you'll be able to see footage from the concerts, at some point, as Axl Rose has hired music video director Dale "Rage" Resteghini to document the tour.

Resteghini, who has worked with the likes of Madball, Suffocation, and Trivium, will also be shooting stills during the tour. According to a press release, Resteghini has not had the time to focus on anything other than music videos and that still photography has been a long-awaited career swing for Resteghini.

Resteghini says that, as part of his work with Guns, he'll be shooting some videos later in the year in support of 'Chinese Democracy,' "on the same grand scope and style of classics such as 'November Rain.'"

"Axl Rose is the quintessential rock-star frontman and is all things you'd expect and some you would not expect," says Resteghini. "He is very humorous and very, very passionate about his fans and ensuring that the legacy of GN'R as being one of most incredible and best-selling rock bands in the history of music remains intact.

"I was not supposed to be here," he adds. "I should have been dead at least 10 different times in my life. I was arrested and in trouble a lot as a kid and not just the 'regular' little stuff and spent some real time locked up. For me to be here at this point in my life at the level of success I work in and being married to an amazing wife as well as being blessed to live where we live is an absolute dream. I did not go film school, I fight the politics of the business every day as well as break a lot of the rules and I do things my way, which is always coming from a place of wanting to do the very best job for my clients and it's that approach that has brought me all of my success and now I'm able to tour the world with a legendary band like GN'R. It's incredible and unbelievable at once."

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