Smoking cigarettes is not the best thing for your health, but in some cases the alternatives can be worse. Guns N' Roses and Sixx: A.M. guitarist DJ Ashba revealed a scary incident smoking fake cigarettes that led to a life-saving trip to the hospital.

What started the conversation was a photo Ashba posted of himself on Instagram with a cigarette hanging from his mouth and one of the followers asking him about his past attempt to quit smoking. The guitarist responded with the harrowing explanation of his try to wean himself off cigarettes gone really bad.

"I did quit cigs for 9 months," says Ashba in the posting. "However I was smoking fake cigarettes that I bought in a mall in Poland which contained high doses of nicotine and antifreeze which kills people. Nobody knows this, but I was rushed to the hospital, put on heart monitors and I had eight of the best doctors trying to save my life. Poison control confirmed that the nicotine intake that was going into my body from the fake cigarettes was the equivalent to smoking 33 packs of cigarettes a day."

The guitarist says despite this unhealthy turn, a CAT scan revealed that every organ in his body was still intact. He concluded, "They advised me to start smoking so now I can wean myself off of real cigarettes and hopefully quit for good this time." Noisecreep sends out our best wishes for a better outcome in Ashba's next attempt to quit smoking.

The guitarist will have his hands full for the remainder of 2013. Sixx: A.M. are reportedly working to release a new disc this year and Guns N' Roses have continued to be a favorite on the festival and touring circuits.

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