To honor Metallica's 30th Anniversary, Green Day has recorded a cover of 'Hybrid Moments' by the Misfits.

The original version of the song can be found on 'Static Age,' the Misfits' debut album. The New Jersey punk heroes originally recorded the album in 1978, but it remained shelved until Caroline Records included it in the Misfits' box set in 1996. Why did it take so long for the record to hit stores? Well, the band was unable to find a record label interested in releasing the album, and instead released four of the tracks ('Bullet,' 'We Are 138,' 'Attitude,' and 'Hollywood Babylon') as the 'Bullet' single in June 1978 on Glenn Danzig's label, Plan 9 Records.

Other artists that have covered 'Hybrid Moments' through the years include No Use for a Name, Integrity, Elf Power, and VCR. Check out Green Day's version of the punk classic below.

Watch Green Day's 'Hybrid Moments' Video

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