God ForbidWhen the Kittie/God Forbid tour descended upon New York City's BB King's, Noisecreep caught up with God Forbid guitarist Doc Coyle, who revealed the band will commence the writing process once the tour with the Kittie ceases. Coyle also said the band are free agents, label-wise, so if any label head honchos are reading, you know what to do.

Given that God Forbid hail from the Garden State, we had to ask how Coyle feels about the train wreck monstrosity known as 'Jersey Shore.'

"I have watched every episode like five times," Coyle told Noisecreep. When we concurred that it's like a magnet you can't draw yourself away from -- since there are plenty of folks at the Jersey shore who look and act like the Situation, Snooki and the rest of the idiots in their crew -- Coyle said, "I am from New Jersey. I know people like that exist," with a note of sarcasm. "A lot of people in other parts of the country think we are all like that."

So that's why we are issuing the edict: come visit New Jersey. There's a reason the state motto once was 'New Jersey and You: Perfect Together.'