Ghost have been steadily gathering their legions of followers through their uplifting hymns for Satan. The Swedish cult recently performed at France's Hellfest and brought up a special surprise during their set closer, "Monstrance Clock."

The song is a perfect way to end their set, allowing crowds to participate in the "Come together, together as one / Come together, for Lucifer's son" refrain. Their stage setup is designed to loosely resemble a church, backed by stained glass as the band borrows musical themes from church music an applies it to their own. Embodying the spirit of a typical mass, Ghost brought a children's choir onstage to help give "Monstrance Clock" and even grander feel.

During the final refrain, when the music drops out in favor of the organ and choir, a line of children appear on a raised platform behind the drum kit with Ghost's 'Sisters of Sin' (nuns) lining each side along the bookended stairs. The silky voice of Papa Emeritus III has always had an innocent charm to it and the children's choir acts as extension... until the ghastly frontman implores everyone to "have a blessed ride home and when you do get home, don't forget to f--k each other!"

Ghost are one of the most Halloween-ready bands out there and now you can take matters into your own hands — or head — and transform yourself into Papa Emeritus or one of the Nameless Ghouls with officially licensed masks (photo below). The Papa mask features the signature face paint as well as a Pope hat emblazoned with the band's inverted cross / 'G' emblem. The Nameless Ghoul masks are the same incarnation the band has recently adopted, fully painted silver and accented by a long, pointed chin and short horns at the top. See details about Papa mask here or a Nameless Ghoul mask here. Estimated product availability is Aug. 19 of this year.

The year will only get busier for Ghost as they have plans to release a new covers EP as well as a behind-the-scenes tour documentary. The clergy will head back to North America, hitting 36 cities in total on the "Popestar" tour which will begin on Sept. 16 in Rochester, N.Y. Find a full list of stops at our 2016 Guide to Rock + Metal Tours.

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