Uh-oh! It looks like Sister Imperator is not very pleased with Ghost's work as they've recorded and toured in support of Satan, spreading their message about His will. "Let's see what you have really done to topple the spires and the men who hurdle around their false god," she exclaimed in the video above.

Discarding their signature dildo along with smashing a gold record in front of two seated Nameless Ghouls, Sister Imperator preaches from her pulpit. "We don't need their approval. The truth of our work is not measured by awards and nods from the establishment," she said, later adding these accomplishments are "still only a drop in the dark water of our mission."

It's time for Ghost to prove they've learned their lesson here as they're set to embark an extensive North American tour between Sept. 16 and Nov. 12. To see if the clergy will be stopping by a city near you, head to our 2016 Guide to Rock + Metal Tours.

The tour will be in support of the Popestar EP. Ghost surprised fans with the sudden announcement of the five song release, recently sharing the opener, "Square Hammer." The song is heavy on the synth backed by a powerful riffing attack, indicating at yet another new direction for these Satanic fiends.

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