Metalheads, meet your hero of the day! When it came time for this high school student to take his senior photo, he dressed up like a nameless ghoul from Ghost, even wearing a mask for the occasion.

Meet Carlo DiMarco, a senior at Long Beach High School in New York. Like all high school students, he’s constantly surrounded by teens blasting EDM and hip-hop. DiMarco can’t help but think, “Wow, what the hell are you guys doing?” as he cruises the halls of Long Beach High School, preferring to listen to bands like Metallica, Rammstein, Code Orange and, of course, Ghost.

“I decided to wear the nameless ghoul mask for my picture because I thought it would be awesome given they are one of my favorite bands,” DiMarco tells Loudwire. “I really wanted to see a nameless ghoul’s yearbook photo too, so now I got to see that. Great way to represent Ghost and made for a great photo that would definitely generate some laughs.”

Surprisingly, his school got a kick out of his costume of choice and didn’t attempt to stop him from taking his senior portrait as a nameless ghoul. However, DiMarco did take a few photos with the mask off for the sake of his mother. “I couldn't have my mom upset and yelling at me ‘cause we all know how that goes,” DiMarco wisely points out.

Having just started his senior year, DiMarco is looking for likeminded musicians to jam with. “I play guitar and currently am trying to start a band,” he explains. “The way I see it there is no other option for me in life and playing music is what I will do no matter how hard it is and no matter how long it takes.”

DiMarco sent us a bunch of different glamour shots from his high school photo shoot, so check out his nameless ghoul pics below… and for Satan’s sake, someone start a band with this dedicated metalhead!

Carlo DiMarco
Carlo DiMarco
Carlo DiMarco

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