GenitorturersGenitorturers are a visual and audio spectacle. Their latest, 'Blackheart Revolution,' due out Nov. 3, is an album that pays a bit of homage to the members' musical history.

"'Blackheart Revolution' is a pivotal album because it brings together all the elements of what inspired us each to play music," lead vocalist and vixen Gen told Noisecreep. "I grew up listening to pretty angry hardcore and early punk bands like Black Flag, Plasmatics, Dead Kennedys, Misfits and Cro-Mags. All these bands, while considered punk and hardcore, were each unique in their vocal style. This was hugely influential and is definitely the reason there is a lot of variety in the vocals, from range to approach, in song to song."

Gen was quick to almost recant that statement, saying, "Or maybe it's just the fact that I get bored easily and can't be bothered to sing the same way in every fricken song! I don't know, but I do enjoy albums where the vocals have differences between songs."

Gen's hubby, bassist David 'Evil D' Vincent, of Morbid Angel fame, is behind the progression of the band's music, as well. "His early inspirations are very grounded in Alice Cooper and Kiss," Gen said. "What he brought to the table with the new album was groundbreaking from the standpoint that he wanted to tap into these early roots, but also modernize this and give it his 'Evil' touch. From the get-go, the musicianship and the playing was important. David is an awesome bassist and he took the time to write music that would showcase a new approach to the bass in this band."

While the band's first album, '120 Days of Genitorture' had metallic influences and hints, Gen insists that 'Blackheart Revolution' cranks the knobs to 11 when it comes to aggression. "On one track, Evil D even went as far to acquire and learn to play upright bass, in order to facilitate a recording the music for a song called 'Kabangin' All Night,' that he literally wrote in his head on a plane coming back from a NAMM equipment convention," Gen revealed.

When it came to drums, Gen and Evil D decided to showcase different players for specific songs to give the album an authentic, unpredictable flavor. Gen said, "We had three awesome drummers lend their energy to the playing: Angel from Genitorturers and Dope; Joey Letz of Amen, Genitorturers and Combichrist; and Mark Prator of Skid Row and Sebastian Bach. The playing of each is heavy, intense and aggressive at every turn!"

'Blackheart Revolution' is due out November 3.

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