"I really want you to look your best / Adore the shrunken remains / The cadaverous features / Has come out really nice"

Goregrind bands are a lyrical creature all their own. You can generally spot them a mile away and if you're blessed with enough foresight to be carrying your forensic pathology dictionary like I do, you can decipher the terminology and get a good idea of what's going on. Hopefully it's not right after you finish lunch.

General Surgery, though, does it one better and puts all this medical nomenclature to good use by employing them in a narrative, as seen in 'Restrained Remains,' off of their new 'Corpus In Extremis' release.

The song is based on a real-life case where a man never reported his wife's death. "He refused to give her up and kept the remains for himself," Dr. Sahlström told Noisecreep. "Eventually her mummified body was discovered in her bed where the husband had cared for her after her passing."