Strap yourselves in and prepare for a bumpy headtrip of a ride as Gemini Syndrome are ready to unleash their latest video. Noisecreep is proud to exclusively bring you the premiere of the band's intriguing new promo for their latest single, 'Basement.'

Duality plays a big part in the clip, as it does in the band. A listen to 'Basement' shows two sides to the group, one in which frontman Aaron Nordstrom can have you mesmerized by his hypnotically melodic vocals at one point only to have the band take a sharp turn into hard-hitting brutality in an instant.

As for the video, the visually striking promo mostly centers on the band performing for an audience of women that have a mystical quality about them. The performance is captured at points in slow motion with debris flying around all of the band members, providing some interesting shots. As the video continues, it becomes apparent that there is something different yet very familiar about the band's female audience.

Speaking about the 'Basement' video, the group exclusively told Noisecreep, "We hope this video speaks to people on an obvious and subtle level. Gemini Syndrome is all about reconciling our dualistic nature. The idea that the girl and Aaron are one in the same expands to the idea that we are ALL one in the same. As the crowd grows around the girl, they manifest different symbols on their hands, representing our individual struggles that scar us, yet they are united in pairs. So though we all experience our own trials and tribulations, we can always find someone who we can relate to, and walk through our struggles together. In the end, we all raise our hands symbolizing our unity."

'Basement' can be found on Gemini Syndrome's upcoming Warner Bros. debut disc. The songs 'Basement,' as well as fellow singles 'Pleasure and Pain' and 'Left of Me,' can currently be purchased on iTunes. Look for the band on tour this month with Drowning Pool and Pop Evil and back on the road in Canada with Five Finger Death Punch in late September and early October. Their itinerary can be seen here.

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